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Well, here I go…

A friend of mine recently started blogging and her first blog was entitled “Do more of what makes you happy!” This got me thinking and reminded me how much I also love to write. I guess it’s a great way to splurge all of the stuff that I’ve been thinking about and make sense of some of the things that have been whirling round my head. It’s also a wonderful way to share with people.

I remember when I went to Uganda on my gap year (all those years ago now!) every Monday I would sit in an internet cafe with a coca cola (a weekly treat in a glass bottle!) and begin the task of condensing all that had taken place on our african adventure! Trying to summarise and describe the sights and sounds, the challenges, hurdles, joys and new experiences that were greeting me each day was a mammoth task!  How to reduce all that we were seeing and doing into words that people back home would be able and want to read felt like a challenge but one I loved!

I don’t think my daily life has the same story worthy material these days! But that got me thinking about this year, it certainly feels like a bit of an adventure and I want to try and capture the journey even if only for my own memory’s sake.

September has been and gone 

I cant believe that we are now into October and Autumn is well and truly here. I had been gearing up to September and the month where we would officially be starting out on our adventure of “homeschooling.” This was the month when all my friends and family, with school age children, bought uniforms, book bags, new shoes, sewed in name labels, took first day in their new uniform photos and began the next chapter of letting go of their children to join in the wonderful world of school!

But for us our decision not to send our eldest son to school just yet has not been an easy decision. We love so much about school but we just felt another year (or maybe 2!) at home, whilst he is still young, would be wonderful! I have so loved teaching the boys new things over these early years of their lives and love watching them learn. I love that I have more extended opportunity to do that for the next year of their lives at least.

So for the last few weeks everyone has been very kindly enquiring “How is it going?” “How is homeschooling working?” and “What exactly have you been up to?” And whilst in many ways the last month has felt no different from what has been my normal for the last few years; spending time with the boys, with new friends and old, being outside, building dens, climbing trees, making things and much more, in other ways this September has marked a change in the direction we are taking as a family and I’m excited to see where this road will take us.

So i guess that’s why I’ve decided to write about my/our life over this next year, to see where this homeschool journey leads and to share that with any one of you who cares to read about it.

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