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Ricotta and Courgette Fritters

IMG_0098I want to share some of my thoughts on the recipes I am trying out as I try to be a bit more adventurous with our food.

I will try and share my experience of how they worked when either making them with kids or just for them!!

So today the boys and I made our first meal together from the Madhouse Cookbook by Jo Pratt. 

This was a book I borrowed from the library and found lots of great recipes in that I’m hoping to try. So here are some thoughts from cooking with the boys.


Ricotta and Courgette Fritters 

Thumbs up!

Preparation- The older two helped make these today and in terms of prep this was a great recipe to do with them!

Eldest was able break the eggs for me and grate the courgette (Middle one helped with this too but grated his finger in the process and didn’t want to carry on with the job after that!!) They both helped with mixing and measuring things out. This recipe is in cups as well and I find using my measuring cups makes it much easier for the boys to join in!

Simple ingredients!


Thumbs down!

Cooking– I should’ve left longer to cook them as the recipe said 3/4 minutes on each side but they seemed to need longer for some reason and the boys were getting a bit grumpy!

More seasoning– Followed the recipe with the amount of paprika but we all thought it could’ve done with more seasoning and more paprika as we couldn’t really taste it!

Just enough for us as a family of five but next time I might do it with something else, not sure what yet though!! We served with garlic bread as the recipe suggests we worked well!

Try these again? Yes, definitely!

Cook with kids? Yes, definitely!

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