Food, Sweet treats

Chocolate Orange Pieces

Yum! These were SO easy to make but the boys loved getting involved in this and they definitely enjoyed eating them.

Thumbs up!


Easy to do with kids as it is fun for them to get involved in.

Quick- Doesn’t take very long to make. The boys broke up the dark chocolate into chunks which we then put in a bowl and melted. I did the stirring and they peeled the oranges and separated them into individual segments ready to dip. I then put some of the chocolate in little ramekins so they could do their own dipping! Once they’d dipped all the segments we then popped them in the fridge for the chocolate to set.

Thumbs down!


Messy– Hard for the boys to resist licking their messy fingers and a bit of a clean up operation was required after, but hey that’s part of the fun of cooking together.

Stuck to the plate– Next time I’ll make sure I put them on some greaseproof paper and hopefully this will stop them sticking.

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